Showing Your Home During COVID-19

Sold By Snowberg

​PALM SPRINGS                    RANCHO MIRAGE                      PALM DESERT                     INDIAN WELLS                     LA QUINTA                     INDIO

​DRE 01140225


​74-478 Hwy 111 #105

Gene Snowberg Real estate 

​Palm Desert, CA  


Gene Snowberg Real Estate

1.  No Open Houses for the general publi​c except for virtual showings online.

2.  Showings are by appointment only. Only one "buying party" at a time. It's best if

     the sellers have vacated the property before the showing. 

3.  Visitors must sign and deliver a PEAD-V form to the listing agent prior to entering.

     This is done to ensure visitors know to comply with the "Posted Rules for Entry."

4.  The Posted Rules for Entry (below) must be displayed at the front door and be clearly 

     visible to everyone who enters.

5.  Visitors must wear face masks and use hand sanitizer prior to entry. I supply all items

      including fabric shoe coverings (booties) if so desired by the seller.


6.  Visitors are instructed not to touch anything in or outside the house. If something

     needs to be opened or turned on (i.e. doors, light switches, etc), I'll do it.

7.  If permissible, doors and windows are opened to allow fresh air.

8.  After the visitors have left I use disinfecting wipes on all knobs, handles, or surfaces

     that were touched. I lock all windows and doors and then text the seller.